30 June, 2016


The activities planned for achieving the objectives of the project are distributed in the following actions:

  • PREPARATORY ACTIONS: the project starts with the definition of the requirements of the end users that will define the type of resin and natural reinforcement required to achieve the proposed objectives. The partners involved will define the properties of both the resins and the reinforcements and the protocols necessary to obtain them from sustainable resources. The analysis and tests that have to be implemented in the following phases will be detailed in the preparatory actions. Finally the end user will define a methodology for the validation of the compositions in terms of performance, recyclability and reprocessability.
  • IMPLEMENTATION ACTIONS: these actions will constitute the main core of the project and will be divided in four different actions related with:
    • The optimization of the production of the individual components (resin, fibres and formulations)
    • Demonstration in transportation sector
    • Optimization of recyclability
    • Transferability and replication in construction sector. Implementation actions will also include the guidelines for the results industrialisation and recommendations for European regulation in terms of recyclability.
  • MONITORING ACTIONS: throughout the development of the project, continuous technical monitoring of progress and impact indicators will be carried out. At the end of the project we will conclude with the final technical evaluation (including LCA and LCC analyses), the socio-economic impact monitoring and reach a series of conclusions and guidelines.
  • PUBLIC AWARENESS AND COMMUNICATION OF RESULTS: Much attention will be devoted to these actions, in order to engage stakeholders especially from the transportation and building sectors in the three countries by the organization of local campaigns by each partner, seminars or technical visits. These actions will be also supported by social media campaigns to inform potential interested organization to fully explore the transferability and replicability of the results to other sectors.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: that will be carried out by all partners. Project evaluation and auditing will also form part of these actions, together with monitoring of results indicators and networking with other LIFE+ projects.

The RECYSITE Consortium