What are the main characteristics?

Premium Quality

Green composites will be as strength as other composites. Rheology and ISO tests will be carried out and demonstrators will be validated in transportation and construction real cases.

R – R – R

Green composite will be recyclable by different methods (hot pressing, grinding and dissolution). The recycled granules will be used again to produce new articles. Repairing ready.

Biobased Natural

Natural fibres from flax waste will be the base of the matrix. The resin used as the matrix for the different layers will be based on the waste of biopolymers production which is also biobased.


What is a composite?|What is a green composite?

A composite material comprises two or more components; its main characteristic being the superior properties the end material has, as opposed to those of each individual constituent on their own. In this context, our composites consist of a homogeneous matrix (thermoset polymer) that is reinforced by a stronger and stiffer constituent (textile structure).|Green Composites are novel solutions designed to boost sustainability and circular economy in the plastic sector by combining biobased materials and recycling functionalities.


How will we do that?

Natural fibers

The reinforced structure of the composite will be non-wovens or needlefelts textiles made up linseed flax from linseed straw (agricultural waste). It will be extracted and optimised for its industrialisation by Centexbel and La Zeloise.


The matrix biobased resin will be provided by Avantium and CNRS. It will be extracted from processing two residues: linseed oil and humins.

Handbook of green composites

Adaptation and optimisation of processing technologies to widely spread Recyclable and Reusable Biocomposites. Protocols will be defined and validated by Cidetec and Aitiip.


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